Site Safety Assessment Guide

Jobsite Safety Meetings

Due diligence requires that a safety meeting be held before the start of each work shift, or as conditions change.

At the bottom of the Site Safety Assessment form, you will find a section which will allow you to record the names of the people who attended your onsite meeting. All workers and visitors are required to print their name and sign/initial the form, indicating that they have reviewed and understood the SSA form. Record the date and time of the meeting.

Topics for Jobsite Safety Meetings

The jobsite safety meeting should cover:

  • A review of the completed SSA form
  • Addressing all questions
  • The steps taken to remediate the hazards
  • Any PPE requirements
  • Any other notices, permits, and plans required.

Work can only begin AFTER:

  • The site safety assessment has been completed.
  • The jobsite safety meeting has been held.
  • The SSA form has been posted, and
  • All of the hazards have been addressed.

Also Remember:
The SSA form check boxes cannot include every potential hazard - ALWAYS stay alert for uncommon or unusual hazards.

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