Site Safety Assessment Guide

Using the SSA Form

  • The SSA must be completed before any work starts.
  • The purpose is to identify and control hazards.
  • The SSA form will help remind you of what types of hazards or situations may be present.

The site safety assessment begins with checking that the structure and environment are safe to enter.

Header section

  • The header section of the SSA form identifies what jobsite or area is being inspected and what tasks are being conducted.  If the jobsite is very large, it may be divided into areas for SSA purposes. For example: large jobs on a strata with 15 units will need 15 SAA’s to be completed.
  • The inspection must be done by the first responding person who has been trained in how to do a site safety assessment.
  • In this section, fill in the job name and/or number, the site address, the age of the structure, and the type of loss, the task type and identify whether it’s a critical task.

Header Class Section

Hazard is defined in British Columbia’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulation as "a thing or condition that may expose a person to a risk of injury or occupational disease".

In all cases, any hazard found must be communicated to workers and visitors to the site.

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